11 May 2019

Rare Rocket warehouse finds

We've been emptying boxes & found some first pressing rare Rocket stuff:

Anthroprophh - Outside The Circle (Grey Vinyl)
Bonnacons of Doom - (Yellow & Black Splatter vinyl) 
Capra Informis (Goat) - Tunnels of Qliphoth 7” (Black vinyl)
GNOD - Just Say No (Red vinyl)
GNOD - Chapel Perilous (Orange & Black Swirl vinyl)
GNOD - Mirror (White Vinyl)
White Hills & GNOD - Aquarium Downer (Yellow & Black Splatter vinyl)
Goat - Double Date 10" (Clear & Red vinyl)
Goat Requiem (Psych Red & Yellow Special Edition vinyl)
Goat - Fuzzed In Europe (Red & Yellow Split vinyl)
Goatman - (Maroon Splatter vinyl)
Hey Colossus - Guillotine (Red/Black Split vinyl)
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Mirage CDs
Lay Llamas - Thuban (Orange & Black vinyl)
Temple Ov BBV (Clear & Black vinyl)

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