17 May 2019

DJINN S/T debut album is released today

DJINN, the new band formed by the talented musicians from Hills and GOAT, release their S/T debut album today:

"Hypnagogic and entrancing." The Quietus
"DJINN have pioneered a new genre in this LP" 8/10 Backseat Mafia
"A meditative trip." Neolyd
"Cloaked in mystery and seeking to work through noise and nature alike." Raven Sings The Blues
“A really intense and powerful journey.” The Fragmented Flaneur

The album is ltd to only 500 copies worldwide on 'Ice' coloured vinyl and can be purchased via your local record shop, or/and stream from here: Stream/download

Watch the video for the track DJINN and DJUICE here: The Quietus

DJINN is a psychic travelogue which encompasses full-throttle 'free jazz' of the transcendent extrapolations of Albert Ayler and the demolition derby that John Coltrane and drummer Rashied Ali engaged in. Though like the track 'Le Jardin de la Morte' shows, DJINN also explore a variety of 'astral jazz' textures and headspaces akin to the devotional work of Alice Coltrane or Don Cherry.

Like all GOAT associated releases, there is a mighty array of sounds on offer within the albums eight tracks, amidst a soundworld that any intrepid psychic explorer should be delighted to sharpen their wits for. 

DJINN have just announced their first live show at the always amazing, and 'sold out' Supernormal Festival:

2-4 August / Supernormal Festival / Wallingford / Oxfordshire