17 May 2019

Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes release today

Today see's the release of remix EP 'Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes' a release that will coincide bringing the mighty Rocket to the Russian where both bands will be performing on the same bill at this years ‘Gnoomes Fest’ in Perm, Russia on 18th May. 

You can listen/stream/buy Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes here: GTTvsGnoomes / Bandcamp



The Press Release:

In January London’s Gum Takes Tooth released their critically acclaimed album ‘Arrow’. This latest release further established the duo as masters of their drum-triggered manipulated
electronic sound. A unique sound that merges both speaker ripping psych-rock pyrotechnics and synapse-shredding acid house into a unclassifiable fury that many cannot rival.

Three of the key ‘synapse-shredding’ Gum Takes Tooth tracks from ‘Arrow ‘were handed over to their Rocket comrades Gnoomes to remix. Gnoomes are a Russian outfit who themselves blend a potent mix of psychedelic stargaze, kraut techno and kosmiche pop – so a perfect choice of sound manipulators to conjure up their own Gum Takes Tooth interpretations.

The resulting three reworked versions of tracks; ‘Borrowed Lies’, ‘Fights Physiology’ and ‘The Arrow’, take the originals into different electronic sonic arcs, that blend the kinetic
anthems of Gum Takes Tooth into more kosmiche-techno territory. From the more aggressive techno of ‘KIKOK’ (Gnoomes’s drummer), to the warm trans Europe express migration by ‘Warwara’ (Gnoomes guitarist) and the hypnotic acid house transcendence by Sasha Piankov (Gnoomes singer, bassist and synth player). All three remixes are from a band that don’t limit themselves in the extension of their musical palettes resulting in something very unique and immersive.


Gnoomes have also recently announced a brand new album titled ‘MU!’ their third for Rocket Recordings and it is released on all formats on 31 May with a UK tour booked around the time of it’s release.

Buy: Bandcamp / Stream: Gnoomes


Gum Takes Tooth are also taking their incredible live set onto European stages over the summer. ‘Arrow’ is out now on all formats.

Buy: Bandcamp / Stream: GumTakesTooth