13 May 2019

Luca from Julie's Haircut deconstructs Kubrick, Cronenberg and Hitchcock

Luca from Julie's Haircut is playing a special one off performance where he will deconstruct the sounds/music of Kubrick, Cronenberg and Hitchcock in an improvised live setting:

As in Film Featuring Luca Giovanardi
Saturday, May 18 / 8pm
Gate 26A (via Carteria 26/a, 41121 Modena, Italy)

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They say:

Filmmakers for whom sound and image continuously interpenetrate to create artificial universes, containers of stories and sensations within which the spectator is invited to dive.

For the musician Luca Giovanardi the work of these three authors represents a passion so strong as to touch the obsession. From this comes the idea of ​​de-constructing the sound level
work of the three directors to introduce it in a purely sound and musical world, in an electronic reworking that somehow returns the visual universe in the absence of the contribution of the images.

The project is developed in three different "sound environments", three tracks with a liquid and iridescent structure, based on musical and sound fragments taken from the filmography of each director and inserted inside a container made of synthesizers, electronic effects and digital rhythms.

These fragments are restructured and reworked live, becoming part of the artist's improvisation.