22 May 2019

MOWNO review DJINN Album

MOWNO review DJINN Album:

Akin to a supergroup composed of Swedes Hills and Goat members, Djinn departs sensibly and deliberately from the psychedelic lands dear to them. Drawing inspiration from folklore and mythology (the djins are these famous supernatural and polymorphic creatures from the legends of the Middle East), this self-titled album is mostly experimenting with free jazz.

Unique title unveiled a few months ago, The Garden of the Dead yet carried us to musical landscapes shrouded in mysticism, immersing us in atmospheres that seemed guided by the spirit of Alice Coltrane. Rather bewitching so ... 

 The rest of the disc, discovered more recently, takes us to far darker places. Not sure that the first piece Jazz Financed rallies a wide audience. Like Algabbanem, this is the free jazz side, in its most dissonant expression, that Djinn will draw, recalling Albert Ayler or the last years of life of John Coltrane. And if the spirits seem to calm down briefly with the meditative interlude Fiskehamn Blues and the almost groovy sax of My Bankaccount, darkness and impros free (Rertrand Bussels) come to populate the end of this first album. 

There is no doubt that Djinn's music will shake Goat's psychedelic fans. A rough album, more obscure than clear, likely to interest fans of dissonant free jazz, but that will not revolutionize the genre.

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