29 May 2019

Music Orbit reviews Gnoomes Live at Union in St Petersburg

They say:

Last Thursday, rare guests came to St. Petersburg: the Permian Gnoomes team is known for touring abroad more often than in Russia (here you can even draw an analogy with the Rostov group Motorama, which has a similar situation). It's all about the sound - the guys play an interesting mix of kraut-rock, psychedelia and electronics, the lyrics are English-language. And if you do not know in advance that they are from Perm, you may well get the impression that this is another rock band from Manchester’s bar or, at worst, Berlin. 

Today, the Music Orbit will show you how Gnoomes play live (the concert was recorded in the St. Petersburg Union bar ). Bonus - an interesting article about the group, where many letters and meanings. Enjoy! 

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