31 May 2019

Rocket Probes – May 2019 playlist

(Free and astral jazz collide together on the Swedish bands debut album)

Gnoomes – Sine Waves Are Good For Your Health
(Stunning track of repetitious grooves from Gnoomes latest album MU!)

Tomaga – Bluest
(New Tomaga!)

Head Drop – Hexing Babylon

(Second EP from the Reading 4 piece...and if you like your psych rock with heavy does of fuzzwah (ala Loop, Magnet, Mudhoney) then tracks 1,3 & 4 are for you.
Head Drop

La Tène – Abandonnée​/​Maleja
(Great hurdy-gurdy/harmonium jams)
La Tène

Sea Urchin – Tahtib
(Killer tribal grooves on Bristol's great Bokeh Versions label)
Sea Urchin

Terminal Cheesecake – Le Sacre Du Lièvre 
(New Cheesecake...yes please!)
Terminal Cheesecake

Sonny Sharrock – Many Mansions
(Thanks to Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne for letting us know about this heavy cut!)
Sonny Sharrock

Lotto - PIX
(Fuzzed Beats on the ever reliable Instant Classic)

Rakta – Miragem
(Great to see Rakta live recently with Deaf Kids)

Bobby Soxx - Scavenger of Death
(Psyched punk groove from '81)
Bobby Soxx

Bridget Bardot - Contact
(Great repetitive pop)
Bridget Bardot

Humbros – Night of the Toacas / Paragon
(Thanks to Heather from Black Impulse for turning us onto this lot)
Humbros 1

Nihiloxica – Dubugwanjuba
(Ugandan tribal psych...thanks to Iggor from Petbrick for the tip-off)

Davy Kehoe - The Pilot
(New Kehoe)
Davy Kehoe

Lubricated Goat – In The Raw
(One of Australia's finest)
Lubricated Goat 

Avon Terror Corps – Avon is Dead
(The 'new' sounds of 0272)
Avon Terror Corps

The Budos Band - Old Engine Oil
(Another great Black Impulse recommendation
The Budos Band

Killing Joke – The Hum
(If Adam Ant fronted Gnod)
Killing Joke

Prince Douglas - Tongue Shall Tell Dub
(The guys from Centrum opened our ears to this slice of fuzzed dub)
Prince Douglas

Harrga – Héroïques Animaux de la Misère
(More crushing sounds from 'industrial' Bristol)

Pink Fairies – Rare Live Recordings & Radio Broadcasts: 1970​-​1971
(Twink uncovers some old archive recordings)
Pink Fairies 

Leafcutter John – Elephant Bones
(Our friends Gnoomes turned us on to this nice kosmiche jam)
Leafcutter John

13th Floor Elevators – Slip inside this house
(We are gonna miss you Roky)
13th Floor Elevators

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