5 May 2019

Echoes and Dust preveiw Cardiff Psych and Noise Fest

...and they say this about our very own Teeth of the Sea:

Sunday would be a nice day to relax after two days of vivid, kinetic music from all over the musical map (not to mention the real possibility that it requires retiring to a cave for at least a month of recuperation), but the Psych and Noise Fest organisers have shown no sympathy for such concerns by absolutely cramming Sunday’s bill full of goodness. Teeth of the Sea alone absolutely demand keeping some energy in reserve: the uncategorisable three-piece make mind-bending music that somehow combines electronica with the energy to level any given club, the most rapturous trumpet sounds around, and heroic guitar action to majestic effect; and they’ll be arriving in Cardiff not long after dropping what just might be their best album yet. They always play better before a crowd, and the prospect of them playing to a packed house in The Moon is mouthwatering. The only concern is that if they drop ‘Gladiators Ready’ from the new album then there may not be any survivors, and anyone who does walk away will never make anyone else believe the things they’ve witnessed. 

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