26 Oct 2018

The Quietus on Gum Takes Tooth's new single 'The Arrow'

They say:

Gum Takes Tooth have confirmed details of their third album, titled Arrow, and above you can listen to lead track 'The Arrow'.

The new album is the duo's first full-length release with Rocket Recordings and sees them turn to their home city of London for inspiration in increasingly uncertain times. Described as a more personal record from the pair, the band's Jussi Brightmore says that it deals with "ever more omnipresent and vacuous global tropes cementing economic inequality, nervous amnesia and being as complicit as anyone else in all that".

The track above, they say, was given its name because "it flies in a straight line or arc but it never repeats its structure, or goes back on itself".

Gum Takes Tooth will release Arrow on January 25, with a launch party set to take place that same day at London's Electowerkz, featuring special guests Sex Swing, Nik Void, Michael, Coldnose and more. You can get tickets here and pre-order the album here.

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