9 Oct 2018

Onda Rock reviews Anthroprophh's OMEGAVILLE

Do you like sound disasters? Do you love excursions into musical territories with a sinister charm? If, in both cases, the answer is positive, then you can not do without this new birth of the Anthroprophh , Bristol band led by that Paul Allen that many, perhaps, will already remember driving, at the end of the nineties, of the Heads, a powerful expression of a sound full of electricity and disfigured by stoner jolts . 

Prepared and recorded, by the admission of the same Allen, under the influence of " Tago Mago " of Can , "Omegaville" is a two-faced herm where the tracks of the first album build colossal bastions of explosions, dilatations and heavy-psyched deformations . rock, whereas those of the latter rely on a more evocative and experimental sound . 

The psychedelic garage-rock of the initial double "2029" / "Dead Inside" is a close relation both of the wildest Comets On Fire sorties and of the High Rise barrage fires and this, obviously, means having to go back to a whole series of Sonic barbaric destroyers: Jimi Hendrix , Blue Cheer, Hawkwind , Chrome and so on. The first minute of "Housing Act 1980" unrolls, instead, a punk ramalama , but it is only a prelude to the umpteenth intergalactic trip with flaming distortions, insistent drumming and feedbackas if it were raining. For their part, the evil and doomy plots of "Oakmoll"... 

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