26 Oct 2018

GNOD play Primavera Club shows this weekend

GNOD play Primavera Club shows this weekend, tonight in Barcelona and tomorrow in Madrid.

Primavera say:

They draw mandalas with sound. Or even better, it’s the other way round: sound mandalas draw the members of this open and ever-changing band from Salford (Manchester). Gnod have been around for a while (they first got together in 2006 as an almost secret society) searching for the symmetry that could be drawn between the dense lines of sludge and rhythmic krautrock shifts, between reptilian noise and the slashes of post-punk, between space-rock and pure Detroit guitars. Cosmic-punk? Militant psychedelia? (just check out the title of the record they released last year: Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine). The fact is that as soon Gnod free the kraken on stage, labels just don’t work.

More info here: Primavera