4 Oct 2018

Raven Sings the Blues asked Goatman about his Hidden Gem(s)

They say:

When Goat’s World Music found its way out I was immediately smitten, and certainly not alone it would seem. The album has marked many lists over the years and serves as the jumping off point for Goat’s dense catalog of borderless psychedelia. Now, with a solo album of Afro-funk rhythms and psych-folk freakouts of his own on the schedule I asked the band’s shrouded Goatman to weigh in on some overlooked fodder from the past. While the feature usually focuses on one album, there are, in fact, no rules to Hidden Gems. With that Goatman unearthed two gems from his past that he found intrinsically linked in space and time and by proximity of discovery. With that in mind he explores the impact of Robert Fripp’s League of Gentlemen and Carlos Garnett’s Black Love.

Goatman gives some insight into how he sees a connection between these two particular albums, “When I got you request I couldn’t choose between two albums. Both are very important to me. And even though they might seem like two very different albums to other people, to me, they are similar in many ways and they both captured what I appreciate most in music – high energy, rhythms, and above all, playfulness. I found both before I became an adult and felt then, and still do, that they are a mirror of my own musical force and direction... 

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