25 Oct 2018

Neolyd reviews Goatman's Rhythms

They say:

Mysterious goat man spotted! And not somewhere, but in the secluded 500-soul Kaff Korpilombolo, which supposedly looks back on a long voodoo past. There, in Korpilombolo, the seven-piece band collective Goat is at home, wrapped in masks and flowing robes and enchanted the dance floors of this world with his hypnotic mix of psych-rock, funk and prog. A key figure in this legendary formation is Goatman , the has released his first solo album with "Rhythms". Recorded in Korpilombolo, of course.

Whether black magic was involved in album production is not officially known. It would not be surprising if it were not for this crazy fever dream of World Music, the Goatman brought to life here in six songs. In a parallel universe, where Goatman must have sought inspiration for Rhythms, Can and Faust dance around the campfire, while Fela Kuti polishes his talisman next to it, grilling Spacemen 3 marshmallows. In the ensuing, uninhibited session, tribal beats, krautrock, jazz, gospel and reggae whirl wildly in a thundering vortex. No place for incense stick romance, one for all and all for the dancefloor.

On "Rhythms", Goatman manages the rare feat of combining the best of Western, African and Oriental musical traditions without having to put up with the accusation of shameless appropriation. The irresistible groove of this crazy melange mashes not only through the brain's windings, but gives gospel choirs and jazz players just as much room as spacey drones. The goat man shows that World Music can be so much more than a marketing battle term for breakfast radio dumplings à la Manu Chao. From Korpilombolo with love!

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