3 Oct 2018

Teeth of the Sea's Your Mercury in 'The Quietus's Top 100 Albums in their 10 year existence'

We have been humbled to have The Quietus feature many Rocket albums over the last 10 years and we are humbled again to have one of our albums feature in their 'Top 100 Albums in the Quietus's 10 year existence:

The say:

98. Teeth Of The Sea - Your Mercury
(Rocket Recordings, 2010)

Potent and full-blooded next to their debut's amorphous, blurry post-rock, Your Mercury crafts a distinctive alloy of transcendental juju and Noise's junk art sensibility, toughened with marauding sci-fi Brit-prog, and occasionally blessed by minimalist ambience in the 80s post-Cluster vein.

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