4 Oct 2018

Soundblab reviews GOATMAN – Rhythms

They say:

Goatman is one member of Sweden’s mysterious collective, Goat – who draw on the traditional and contemporary worlds to create experimental music without the structure that denotes much western music.

Without hearing any Goat before, I’m sold on the sound – smouldering 1970s African rock fusion to get you in a groove. This album oozes authenticity with each song it tackles, laying down a mixture of Afrobeat, Jazz, Gospel and rock/reggae with aplomb. Goatman plays all the instruments and enlists a few other Swedes to help him on his merry way.

The opener “Jaam Ak Salam” delivers the energy and conviction a fired up Kuti clan member would be proud of. Afrobeat with an edge and this can be seen throughout the album – the edge being an obvious enjoyment in creating and delivering music they are passionate about. Keyboards, brass, guitars, and vocals take turns leading a tribal chant underpinned by agile bass and percussion...

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