20 Oct 2018

NE Volume interviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

They say:

North East greats Pigs x7 return to our consciousness with superb new album ‘King of Cowards’ and its supporting UK tour. Damian Robinson caught up with guitarist Adam Ian Sykes to talk about the recording process and the challenges of being such an intense band.

We’re loving the new album. Approaching its release to the general public, how are you finding the initial reaction?

It’s been very humbling to hear that people are enjoying it so much. A slight change of direction always leaves you with a faint inner voice telling you people aren’t going to gel with it to the same degree as past releases but thankfully, so far, the reception’s been great. Of course, we’re not going to hear much criticism direct to our weathered faces and a quick vanity search on twitter brings up the odd putdown, which, in its own way, is refreshing to see also.

Given your reputation as a dynamic live band, does studio recording come as a hindrance in any way?

Not at all. Sam owns Blank Studios here in Newcastle and he designed and built the space himself which makes recording a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. Playing live is a different beast: in a lot of ways it’s the most enjoyable part of Pigs, but after a long period of writing and gigging, getting into the studio is refreshing...

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