31 Oct 2018

Rocket Probes – October playlist

Gum Takes Tooth – The Arrow (Radio Edit) 
(Killer first track to be revealed from their forthcoming album call 'Arrow', their first for Rocket!)

Hey Colossus – Live at Magasin 4
(New ltd LP...a colossus listen!)
Hey Colossus

Joao Pais Filipe - Joao Pais Filipe
(3 great tracks of minimalist percussion and drones from the very, very talented HHY & The Macumbas drummer and gong maker)
Joao Pais Filipe

Nighthammer – Vermilion Sands
(Ex Notorious Hi-Fi killer creates a cracking 43 min analogue and electronic excursion)

Workin' Man Noise Unit – Turn it off
(Ace new track from Readings finest!!)
Workin' Man Noise Unit

Steven Stapleton / David Tibet - The Dead Side Of The Moon
(Paddy from GNOD turned us on to this great track from two great people!
Steven Stapleton / David Tibet

Woven Skull – The Severed Ladies Of Dehli Parade Pt.1
(First track to be revealed off new album)
Woven Skull 

Matthias Puech - Talausblick vom Hohlichtpass
(Repetitive and fuzzy lovelyness on the always great Hands in the Dark)
Matthias Puech

Eskimo Chain – Abnormal Dreams
(Nice psyched-out grooves with a bit of a Clinic touch...feat member(s) of Josefin's Liberation)
Eskimo chain

HHY & The Macumbas ‎– Reanima Eléctrica
(Great track from the bands first album)
HHY & The Macumbas

Muslimgauze – I shall sing until my land is free
(Great arabic repetition)

T2 – No more white horses
(Forgot how great this track was...good job our friend Steve was around to remind us!)

Sunun - Ooid
(Dubbed out goodness from very talented Bristol artist)

The Wipers – Alien Boy
(Motorik punk)
The Wipers 

Salvaticus Selvatico – Activations Sontemplations
(Latest tape release on Alex from GNOD's Golden Frequencies label)
Salvaticus Selvatico

The Viola Crayola - Mr Leroy, Pepe´ Is Lost
(Killer groove on this 70s US prog track...a good ol' Cherrystones recommendation)
The Viola Crayola

Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin – Grown Horse
(Another great release by Hands in the Dark)
Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin

Royal Trux – Every Day Swan
(New Trux!!!)
Royal Trux

Ram and Sel – Screw You
(Late 60's psyched 'weirdo' repeato-pop)
Ram and Sel

Moontribe – Moontribe
(Nice contemporary african/middle eastern psyched jams)

CZN – Shape Lifter
(Third release in this months playlist to feature the very talented Joao Pais Filipe, this time he is joined by the equally amazing talent of Tomaga's Valentina Magaletti)

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