26 Oct 2018

Soundblab reviews GNOD R&D's Golden Cabinet takeover

They say:

Light those birthday candles because The Golden Cabinet is celebrating 5 years in the business. Nestled away in Shipley the Cabinet has quietly (well, noisily if you attend the actual events) become West Yorkshire’s finest night for experimental music, attracting a plethora of sonic innovators and dancefloor shakers to the unassuming Kirkgate Centre.

This being a special occasion The Golden Cabinet has invited Manchester’s Gnod, more specifically their Research & Development department, to curate this evening’s entertainment.

I arrive about 8:00pm and realise I’ve managed to miss the birthday tombola but that feeling of disappointment doesn’t hang around long. The next thing I know I’m eating lentil dahl and listening to the transcendental drones of ZimZum.

Amy Horgan stands behind a table electronic kit as a projection of an alien brain scan (well, that’s certainly what it looks like) plays on the wall behind her. Dials, nobs and effects pedals are manipulated to create something dark, meditative and reassuringly strange. Where else could I be but The Golden Cabinet?

There’s a table with an odd assortment of items in the middle of the room. Amongst them sits a toilet plunger, cucumbers, and an axe. There’s a guy in a monster mask crouched nearby. A second, Halloween themed, tombola perhaps? It turns out that the seemingly random objects belong to tonight’s next act, Tipex...

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