28 Feb 2018

Rocket Probes – February playlist

(We have been blown away by this track of repetitive brilliance ever since we have heard it and we are SO proud for it to be coming out on Rocket...a track that would easily make a Best of Rocket comp)

MIEN – Earth Moon / Black Habit ($&$ remix)
(Second track to be revealed from their quite astonishing debut album...sitars, strings and electronics collide to create a great slice of experimental pop, the single includes a killer $hit and $hine remix of Black Habit on the bside)

Anthroprophh – OMEGAVILLE
(I know we raved about this last month but this album is hard to take off the deck...it is so so so good!!

Cherrystones – BAH042  
(Our man Godsy's new record...it's like a 'Nothing is...' set, full of many exploratory grooves)

John Coltrane Quartet at Birdland - Afro Blue
(Perfection for those late night listening sessions)
John Coltrane

Orchestra of Constant Distress - Distress test
(Really good repetitive scuzzrock on Riot Season)
Orchestra of Constant Distress

Patrick Cowley - Surfside Sex
(Repetitive synth groove)
Patrick Cowley

Henry Blacker – Cag Mag
(The three Hey Colossus's deliver 5mins of desert rock perfection)
Henry Blacker

Marshal Tucker Band - Take The Highway (Live BBC 1974)
(Great bit of country 'flute' rock with a bit of a 'Mothers' vibe)
Marshal Tucker Band

Egyptology – Sur Les Autres Mondes
(French kosmiche sounds from the great Hands in the Dark)

Scattered Purgatory – Sua​-​Hiam​-​Zun
(Really nice kosmiche grooves from Taiwan)
Scattered Purgatory

Rodion G.A. – Rozalia
(Great new comp of tracks by the great Romanian psych band)
Rodigon G.A.

Tony Joe White - Polk Salad Annie (Live on BBC)
(Some more grooved out country soul)
Tony Joe White

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