12 Feb 2018

L'Ulcera del Signor Wilson reviews Mamuthones – Fear on the Corner

Roughly translated it reads:

Mamuthones – Fear on the Corner
Noise, dissonant, electronic, eclectic and atypical are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe "Fear of the corner", the brand new album by the Paduan "Mamuthones", published by Rocket Recordings and forged in the UK.

From the first bars of "Cars", the opening track of the collection, you can hear light "Zappiani" reverberations especially in the mallet section that recall songs to the "Inca Roads", for example, but the numerous references, both wanted and not, obviously they do not stop here.

Follows "Show me", rhythmically punctuated by a cowbell referring to "Do not fear the reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult, a participant of very funky guitar chords and pads full of frequencies but well amalgamated with the rest of the instruments.

The third track - title-track of the work in question - pivots on a somewhat muffled voice and mainly projected towards the high frequencies, by way of telephone. The guitar riff and the Afro-Cuban percussion line reminds a bit of the Art Blakey style, while the text refers to a socio-ritual, almost Dadaist dimension. Wah-wah, background noises, increasing dynamics and greater battery fillings, lead the song to an almost hendrixian conclusion, which seems to yearn for the hot nights of voodoo parties in the most mysterious suburbs of a 1970s New Orleans film...

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