23 Feb 2018

Echoes and Dust reviews Mamuthones – Fear on the Corner

It says:

Italian psych-weirdos Mamuthones have been around for a while now but their first album for Rocket is a decisive statement of intent for a new phase of the band. The title Fear On The Corner suggests we might be in for a dark and queasy ride and the cover image features a weird sinewy monster mask with no features but bared human teeth, lips clawed back by its fingers. Its air of feral menace is only undercut by the lurid, hot pink colour of it. As if the xenomorph from alien had too many cheeky vodkas getting ready to go out clubbing, got a bit over excited and coloured her whole face in with a garish new lipstick.

This tension between carnivalesque celebration and something darker below it bubbles away through the album. At first it seems mysterious just what there might be to fear, and on what corner, with a tight percolating groove ‘Cars’ seems to kick off in a busy, bright square, the vocalist swaying like an amused drunk yelling at “cars! the people in the cars”. ‘Show Me’ sounds for all the world like The Fall before settling into a scratchy groove for the second half. This loose structure repeats across the record as the songs quickly resolve into open ended, up tempo, percussive grooves....

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