20 Feb 2018

Clash Magazine say some words about Hey Colossus's up-and-coming shows including Rocket Twenty

It says:

Hey Colossus are set to play a short burst of UK live shows this spring.

The psych-rock juggernauts released new album 'The Guillotine' last year, a phenomenal return that amplified their skull-crushing intensity.

An incredible live experience, Hey Colossus are set to play the 20th anniversary celebrations of Rocket Recordings, alongside a flurry of other headline shows.

The band explain...

"We ALL went to Rocket's 10th Anniversary show in Kings Cross, the weather was warm and dry. We sat outside for great periods of time, it seemed like the whole of London's underground music world was there. Popping in and out to see bands, hanging out the front, drinking too much, shouting the odds. It was on this night, at this show, that we asked Paul to join. We wanted a front man. Paul thought about it, and we nagged, and he said yes. We weren't with Rocket for the 10th anniversary but we're over the moon to be involved with the 20th. Congrats Rocket!"

Congrats, indeed. Hey Colossus will play the Rocket show at London's Garage venue on March 10th, while also making room for dates in Cardiff, Tunbridge Wells, and Liverpool:

3 Cardiff Full Moon
10 London Garage - Rocket 20th Anniversary Show
22 Tunbridge Wells Sussex Arms
23 Paris L'Espace B
24 Lyon Le Sonic
25 Brussels Magasin4
28 Liverpool Wrong Fest

See the full piece here: Clash

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