26 Feb 2018

Echoes and Dust interviews Rocket

Ahead of your Rocket Twenty event, Echoes and Dust asked Rocket's John and Chris some questions about the labels past present and future, it reads:

It really seems like only yesterday that we interviewed the guys from Rocket for their 15th anniversary. Five years on, the label has gone from strength to strength; releasing more consistently incredible music than pretty much any other label we know. On the weekend of March 9th – 11th they celebrate their 20th orbit around the sun with a three night extravaganza at The Garage featuring more or less all of the great bands on their stellar roster. Ahead of that, Dan caught up with Chris and John to talk about the label’s past, present and future.

(((o))): Ridiculously, considering how much of the label’s output we’ve covered in the intervening period, this is the first time we’ve interviewed you guys since we did one for your 15th anniversary back in 2013. How have those years been for you? From the outside it looks like it’s been a pretty good time for you guys.

John: Yes a lot of our releases have seemingly hit a (good) nerve with your writers. I think the last 5 years have been great, not everything completely worked but some albums released have been really strong Rocket albums with bands stepping up their game, and Rocket too. We’ve been branching out & pushing ourselves as a label more, reflecting the more diversity of musicians tastes, our own widening tastes but still keeping the core of the label ethos there....

Read the full interview here: E&D