26 Feb 2018

Psych insight give glowing review of Anthroprophh's OMEGAVILLE

It reads:

Every so often something comes along and it just stops you in your tracks, and you just say to yourself:

“Fuck me, where did that come from?!”

That happened to me earlier this year with ‘The Final Age‘ album, and now it’s happened again only a month later with this latest offering from Anthroprophh. What makes this particularly notable is that there are a number of musicians that are involved in both projects. The Final Age was conceived by Jesse Webb, while Anthroprophh, particularly on this occasion, is the brainchild of Paul Allen; while others who were involved in both include Agathe Max and Gareth Turner who, as Kuro, delivered one of my favourite albums of 2016.

What I’m maybe suggesting here is that there is something of musical sweet spot going on here with these collaborations, but I have to say that while I’ve always rated Allen’s music, including with The Heads, ‘Omegaville’ might just be the high point of his output so far for its sheer scale, variety and impact. I’m aware that this is quite a statement to make… but is feels like the realisation of something… the committing of a vision onto wax… a massive download of creativity....

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