23 Feb 2018

Backseat Mafia reviews Mamuthones

It reads:

Mamuthones emerged from the Italian occult psychedelic movement and now in the wake of the release of their album Fear on the Corner on Rocket Recordings the band find themselves undergoing a metamorphosis from the mystical and ceremonial realms toward a direct connection with the everyday, the personal and the political. This vibrant reinvention also sees Mamuthones transcending their roots from Italian prog and soundtrack work after indulging in a healthy diet of krautrock and disco which has succeeded in shifting their modus operandi.

Alession Gastaldello, a founder member of Mamuthones states that “the songs deal with fear. Fear of the present, of human situations, fear of the new political situation, fear of political decisions being taken from other people’s fear, but also fear of relationship breakdown, fear of being alone or fear of being together with the wrong people, fear of not finding “a place in the world”, personal fear and obsession, fear of fear itself”. The album’s title is itself an amalgamation of the kinetic Fear Of Music by Talking Heads and the heat-haze repetition of Miles Davis’ On The Corner...

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