7 Feb 2018

Rockerilla reviews Mamuthones – Fear on the corner

Roughly translated it reads:

Mamuthones – Fear On The Corner

Beautiful vinyl in 660 copies with colorful cover for Paduan Mamuthones, training led by Alessio Gastaldello already excellent Jennifer Gentle. In this chapter, first on the long distance for the prestigious Rocket Recordings, the band creates a spectacular work to listen and listen again, all to enjoy and experience. The sound is a dynamic Afro punk funk that brings into play the Talking Heads of Remain In Light, the most polyrhythmic Lcd Soundsystem and the Mahjongg. Here there is a sense of the enthralling groove, an excellent research on sounds and also a precious attention to the play between singing and countermins which are revealed as further pieces for a perfect puzzle. From fear. Gianluca Polverari

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