21 Feb 2018

IndiePerCui reviews Mamuthones' Fear on the Corner

Roughly translated it reads:

Psychedelic madness that establishes parallels with an unsettling and imploding nature for the band of former Jennifer Gentle Alessio Gastaldello, a substrate rich in references to a concise and almost hermetic tribal scene that then opens up to visceral lysergic complaints just when you least expect it a condensation of love for all that can be revolutionary or at least surprising and stunning. The new Fear on the corner is obviously a complex album, we can only catch an overview that sometimes seems to escape, but at times it gives us a high level test both from the technical-compositional point, both from the emotional point of view establishing with the listener a sense of estrangement bringing the album itself to comparisons able to touch the skewed architectures of ours, from the jazz fusion of Hancock passing through Miles Davis and crossing a funk that blends with the African rhythms. Fear on the corner is a really great record, both for its international flavor and for its expressive power that gives the experimentation a great feeling of beauty.

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