6 Aug 2018

Rock.IT makes Lay Llamas Thuban it's 'Album of the Week'

They say:

Thuban is a star that indicates the North Pole. He played a very important role among those who, some centuries ago, took the sea route: so much so that it was enough to identify it so as not to get lost and sail in complete tranquility. A security, one of the few granted among the many dangers offered by the threatening water. Four years ago, Lay Llamas , a project whose ownership is attributable to Nicola Giunta, became known with "Østro", nothing more than the name of a wind, well known from the southern Mediterranean. It is clear that the tribal elements continue to prove essential for Lay Llamas, for his writing, for his way of interpreting psychedelia. Which is not a monolith to be defended or contemplated at a distance. And not even a dogma to be respected absolutely. Psychedelic is creativity and freedom of access between the chakras of the soul. A lesson that the Sicilian musician has absorbed in times not suspicious.

"Thuban" is the evolution of "Østro", is his older brother, the more mature, the one that convinces you to leave aside the instinct and to reflect. The same Junta, in the interview he gave us a few weeks ago , speaks of a "wild, instinctive and naive" debut . Four years later, the sound is more reasoned, if we want, softer. But without coming to store those cosmic elements and, we repeat, tribals who designed the coordinates of the first work. "We come from lands with no time" Holy brew, sonic dawn, and the drink of the kykeon once again " : the attack of the text of" Chronicles from the fourth planet "gives a good idea of ​​the air that is breathed inside the album...

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