8 Aug 2018

Neolyd say some words about Goatman

They say:

"Goatman" is the name of the first single of the Swedish collective Goat . To be found on their very debut debut "World Music" from 2012. Goatman calls himself but also a member of the aforementioned formation, which will soon release his first solo album ("Rhythms"). As with the mother band, the appearance here remains rather mystical. Even the sound whistles from a similar direction: Psychedelic inspired world music, peppered with jazz, gospel and African sounds.

With "Jaam Ak Salam" there is already a hyperactive forerunner on the ears. As you can easily hear, the goat man is supported in this by the Senegalese singer Seydi Mandoza. And Mandoza is not the only guest on the 6-track album: in addition to the drummer Hanna Östergren (Hills / Träd, Gräs & Stenar), the brass aficionados David Byström and Johan Asplund still have the voices Amanda Werne and Amerykhan contributed to the album. It will be interesting to see what madness Rocket Recordings will release in October.

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