29 Aug 2018

Flowers Must Die release Go-Between's cover version

From the band:

Flowers Must Die was asked by the Brazilian blog "The blog that celebrates itself" to do a cover of a Go-Between song for their upcoming compilation. We featured on the Suicide compilation two years ago and have been asked to join a few others in between, but being spread out in three different towns in two different countries doesn´t make it easy to quickly record a new track. But as soon as Jonas got the message, he couldn´t resist as The Go-Betweens are his favourite pop group. 

He chose the track "Your Turn My Turn" from the 1982 album "Send me a Lullaby" because it makes him think of Flower Travelin’ Band for some reason, so it seemed like a good fit for us. It was recorded in Linköping with Jonas, Martin, Sven and Lars over one session and then Lisa added violin from her home and Rickard some saxofone in the background.

Listen and buy the track from here: Bandcamp