29 Aug 2018

Noisey say some words about Shit & Shine's new track 'Yeah i'm on Acid'

They say:

Shit & Shine's new end-of-summer anthem makes a nauseating jam out of samples from 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot'

As another endless summer crawls toward a close with a string of oppressively humid days up and down the east coast of the United States, I find myself prone to despair. It's a familiar mindset in these dog days, in which I am wholly consumed with the impending doom of climate catastrophe and more or less unable to remember a time when i wasn't slicked in a thin-to-moderate layer of sweat. I went to Europe this summer for a few weeks, it turns out it's hot there too.

It's easy to get consumed by these end-of-summer doldrums, and find yourself laying half naked in front of a barely working fan, devoid of all hope. Junk-shop techno tracks, like those constructed of late by the Texas-based producer Shit & Shine for labels like Editions Mego and Diagonal have always made easy bedfellows for this sort of brain-cooking climate. And fortunately, just when I needed it the most, the man born Craig Clouse has re-emerged with a real brain-scrambler called "Yeah I'm on Acid!"...

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