29 Aug 2018

Perkele reviews GNOD at Fuzz Club Eindhoven

They say:

The palm of the best concert of the day goes to GNOD. We must immediately admit that it is hard to hear them. Two synthesizers, a guitar and a saxophone: the beginning is traumatic. The sounds are so extreme and dissonant that they rise up the nose, take to the throat, they bounce the organs and reach the hair. A hypnotic and lacerating pandemonium almost unbearable to listening. The incarnation chosen by the Manchester collective for this session creates a state of tension so deep as to test the public. But once they have entered their universe so transcendent yet concrete, they are kidnapped by their ability to make noise an experience (s). The GNOD conception of acid psychology is driven by an extraordinary explorative capacity: their show is an immersion in sound places designed with extreme creativity, which takes the form of a liquefied trance, a synth-oriented hallucination

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Photo by Clemens Mitscher