2 Aug 2018

NE Volume previews Bonnacons of Doom's forthcoming Newcastle show

They say:

The Bonnacons of Doom produce what is best described as what happens when acid house takes a turn to the dark, mysterious and atmospheric. As such, the environment has shifted from joyful warehouse parties to congregations in dimly-lit halls and dark, enshrouding forests. Their vibrations puncture through and are made manifest.

As the band mentioned in Quietus: “Acid house is where we’ve come from as people, a kind of collective memory in the band. It’s a sensibility. The abandonment to the moment, the f***** up out of control perfection of giving yourself over to the absolute now – and that’s what we’re always chasing when we’re playing.”

The result of this collectively put together is sounds that contain the wild abandon of ecstatic jazz and the revolutionary spirit of acid house, producing an almighty charge.

The Bonnacons of Doom plays The Cluny in Newcastle on Friday 10th August. Tickets, priced at £8.00, are available at seetickets.com. Doors open at 19:30.

See the piece here: NE Volume