31 Aug 2018

Rocket Probes – August playlist

$hit & $hine – Yeah i'm on Acid
(New track from new album BAD VIBES...it's a bit of corker!) 

Goatman – Jaam Ak Salam
(Killer first track to be revealed from this GOAT offshoots debut album 'Rhythms') 

Astrology Band – Dream World
(Funkadelic sounding fuzzwah grooves....thanks to Cherrystones for turning us onto this beast!)
Astrology Band

The Myrrors – Borderlands
(One of our fave 'psych' bands around at the moment return with a new album)
The Myrrors

Johan Johanson – Mandy Soundtrack
(Johanson's last score, a collaboration with Stephen O'Malley)
Johan Johanson

Acolytes – Night Air
(Repetitious grooves and drones)

Melting Hand – Terra
(Great psych punk from members of Gum takes tooth, Terminal Cheesecake, Bong etc...)
Melting Hand

Various – Tropical Drums Of Deutschland 
(Psyched drums, minimalist workouts and tropical ambience)
Compiled by Jan Schulte

Popol Vuh – Hüter der Schwelle
(From '77... sounds like a Hills track!)
Popol Vuh

Normil Hawaiians – British Warm
(An album that has been on the decks a lot this year...and this track slays!)
Normil Hawaiians 

Alexander Tucker – Don't look away
(Latest album by Alex...great Eno'esque, psychfolk, experimental pop)
Alexander Tucker 

Sadistik Exekution – The Magus
(One of the GOAT members turned us on to this Australian Death Metal from '91)
Sadistik Exekution

Adlington​/​D'Silva – Church Sessions
(Nice tape release by GNOD collaborator + friend)

Can – Safe
(Often overlooked Can classic!)

Aphex Twin – T69 Collapse
(New Aphex)
Aphex Twin

O Yuki Conjugate – Raindance
(Great tribal ambience from '87...time for a reissue!!)
O Yuki Conjugate

Broadcast – Where Youth and Laughter Go (Bonus Beat)
(Killer break)

The Necks – The body
(New Necks with a bit of a Rhys Chatham feel in the middle part)

Nurse with Wound – Yagga Blues
(Tribal repetition)
Nurse with Wound

Amon Duul II – Da Guadeloop
(Grooves, strings and fuzz...)
Amon Duul II

Smea ‎– V.A. Sweet Synthetic Collection
(Strange electro meets eclectic, spacey EDM/techno from Gothenburg)

Droves – Dog People
(Grinding thrash...great live!)

Yedi Ormanin Sesi – Kafamdaki Yangin
(Turkish Fuzz)
Yedi Ormanin Sesi

Material – Ciguri
(Electro fuzz funk from '82)

Harmonia – Veteranissimo
(From their Live 74 album...captures them at their best)

Schwefelgelb – In Dem Laken
(Heavy, repetitive EDM)

Oh Sees – Smote Reverser
(Another fine collection of fuzzed jams)
Oh Sees

This Heat – Made available
(So nice to hear this essential collection of songs on vinyl finally!)
This Heat 

Flowers Must Die – Your Turn My Turn
(FMD psych out the Go-Betweens)
Flowers Must Die

Listen to a selection of these tracks on our 'updated monthly' Rocket Probes Spotify playlist