8 Aug 2018

Gigwise reviews Goatman track 'Jaam Ak Salam',

They say:

There's a new solo project from one member of the mysterious masked collective, Goat, and the first cut to be made publicly available, 'Jaam Ak Salam', is streaming below.

Out via AIM award nominated indie label Rocket Records, the Fela Kuti-esque track is a joyous summer anthem that'll get any party going.

There's an exciting mass of different percussion instruments all keeping a solid beat, locking in tightly with the bass as spangled, twangy solos, Afrobeat horns, psych-tinged guitar, and a raucous lead vocal, gently distorted to give a vintage tone, sit brilliantly in there, too. The extravagant number of instruments recorded makes for one mesmerising whole.

To our delight, there's more where this came from: the track comes ahead of a full-length studio album, set for release 12 October. The album was recorded in Goat's northern Swedish hometown Korpilombo. Anyone been there?

The six-track album is named Rhythms and each track is said to be an exploration of groove, and promises to veer into gospel, jazz and Spacemen 3-esque drones; to name a few ideas. We're expecting an incredibly diverse album. 

Elsewhere, the brilliant Rocket Recordings label have announced they'll put out the Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs album, King of Cowards, on 28 September.  Listen to the track 'Cake Of Light' here. They're decent. Marc Riley's got them in session soon.

Reviewer Andy Hill praises the guitar sound, calling it "galactic in scope".

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