7 Aug 2018

Echoes and Dust premieres new Julies Haircut video

They say:

We’ve been big fans of Julie’s Haircut for a few years now and it seems they just keep getting better and better.  They are following up the release of their debut album for Rocket Recordings last year by self-releasing a new 12” record on their own label Superlove featuring two songs.

“Karlsruhe” sees the band involved in a slow and bluesy jam drenched in their usual ethereal sound and “Fountain”, a fans’ favourite at live shows, is presented here in its original acoustic environment. Less muscular than the live version, perhaps, but decidedly haunting in its ectoplasmic feel.

Up until now, these two songs were only available as part of the (digital download) deluxe edition of their 2014 album Ashram Equinox. Both these songs have in time become bedrocks of Julie’s Haircut’s live shows, so it seems fitting that the band has decided to give them a proper physical release. We have the video for ‘Fountain’ for you today. Feast your eyes and ears...

Read the rest and watch the video here: E&D