20 Aug 2018

Review, videos and pictures from Bonnacons of Doom's Newcastle show

It says:

Oscar Wilde’s sentiment ‘give a man a mask and he will show you his true face’ suggests we may only be the truest, deepest, version of ourselves when we are either in character or incognito.  From music artists (Bono, Bowie) to anonymous websites to Halloween parties, evidence shows that we may behave ‘out of character’ when our surroundings disguise our need to act in the way we believe we are known for.

Who would we be if there were no consequences?

Mirror-mask-wearing Bonnacons of Doom pose similar questions in a show designed to ask tough, identity-defining, questions.  Who are we and how do we feel when we spend time looking at our own reflections?

Soundtracked by electronic experimentation, loud feedback, and repetitive drone, Doom’s show is emotive and sinister, creating a shocking atmosphere reminiscent of, say, Kubrick’s ‘Eyes wide shut’ or the who’s-behind-the-mask fear of Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’.  This is not a show for the faint-hearted...

See the full piece here: Damien R