1 Jun 2017

The Music Map interviews Gnoomes

Ahead of Gnoomes UK tour which starts today – Music Map asked the band some questions:


Gnoomes are a bit of an anomaly in the world of psychedelic music, in that they don’t take psychedelics. Or more accurately, they can’t take psychedelics. As the band have previously revealed, the close attention of the Russian authorities are to blame…

“Our vocalist has been almost taken into the Russian Army, while some of us were caught by the police for being high, and the court sentenced [the members] to five days in prison and one year of visiting a narcologist every month. So we haven’t had an opportunity to use psychedelics during the recording process. It was a challenge for us to find the legal ways to make psych music without it, but we thought that it’s not so bad, we could find the best way in daily life and simple things that surrounded us.

Restricted access to hallucinogens seems to have unexpectedly paid dividends. Tschak!, Gnoomes’ second album for Rocket Recordings, is a momentous album. Boosted by the band’s enviable collection of vintage Russian synths, Tschak! is a kaleidoscope of churning electronics, pounding beats and hypnotic waves of repetition that absorb everything from minimal techno to Russian art-rock...

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