19 Jun 2017

Terrascope reviews The Guillotine by Hey Colossus

It reads:

With 2015’s Black And Gold and Radio Static High Hey Colossus seemed intent on putting clear water between them and their noisier more atonal past. On this, their ninth release (and third for Rocket) they row back a bit down river albeit charting a different course as befits their shapeshifting proclivities.

In many ways it’s actually their most melodic release, as evidenced early doors by the nimble guitar runs of ‘Honest To God’. However these are delivered under worryingly dark sonic storm clouds as, they take aim both musically and lyrically at to the solar plexus of the current toxic political climate.  ‘Back In The Room’ might just be an acknowledgement of this at least partial return to the brutalism of yore, with a ferocious three guitar attack and unremitting drumming over which Paul Sykes spits out words like Nick Cave possessed. And who’s this adding to the maelstrom of cacophony if not venerable Nik Turner on sax, something usually guaranteed to gladden the heart of this ol’ hippie...

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