2 Jun 2017

Narc and Ringmater review Hey Colossus's new album

NARC says:

In 2015, Hey Colossus achieved the remarkable feat of releasing two absolutely essential albums inside ten months. Some feared that the departure of Jonathan Richards last year might have seen them lose a key element in their astonishing burst of creativity, but The Guillotine more than allays those fears: this album is a fucking beast.

Whilst the glorious noise rock we’ve come to expect is as face melting as ever (Tim Cedar is back at the controls), there’s also the opiated, hypnotic Calenture Boy and the disorientating boogie of Englishman, whilst Experts Toil sounds a lot like XTC covering Fugazi. There’s also a sharper edge lyrically. The Guillotine is as varied and essential as their 2015 double-whammy and that’s a wonderful thing.

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Ring Master says:

As proven time and time again with UK outfit Hey Colossus, the only thing expectations can assume is that any encounter with them will be thickly compelling and singularly distinct in theirs and the surrounding musical landscape. And so it is with new album The Guillotine, a release taking the sextet’s sound to a new terrain of adventure and unpredictability whilst bewitching body and imagination like never before...

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