26 Jun 2017

Review of Flowers Must Die supporting Space Lady at Cafe Oto

The review in Hackney Citizen reads:

Flowers Must Die are a Swedish group who play loud prog rock, as their instrumentation may suggest. I say loud – their set begins with rattly drums and quiet, East Asian-influenced guitar, that almost sounds like twangy Japanese instrument the shamisen.

All very expertly performed (the band have been playing together for over ten years) but when’s it gonna kick off? Well, somewhere midway through their set, vocalist/thereminist Lisa Ekelund starts howling, the bass deepens, the guitars go all disco, and Flowers Must Die expose their thrilling side.

‘Why?’ from full-length debut Kompost grinds away in satisfying psychedelic fashion. People who earlier fled the heat gasping start to filter back inside. By the time the keyboard player is hunched over, surrounded by a hail of sound, frantically turning knobs on an effects pedal with a microphone in his mouth, I’m hooked...

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