13 Jun 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Temple Ov BBV

It reads:

Gnod are the best active band in the UK; they’re also probably the most active. There is no other band on their level. You can all take your shit and go home. They’re the best band from another species and frankly, the only viable proof of alien life. Radar Men From The Moon are also a fucking good band and as men from the moon are a natural fit with the extraterrestrials known only as Gnod. How is it possible for Gnod to keeping putting out such strong releases so quickly? I can’t even find precedent for such a series of masterpieces even if I tried. The nearest I can think of is The Body but, realistically, a lot of that was collaboration, Gnod have carried themselves on their own work for the past few years and it’s all been perfect. I wonder if Gnod will follow suit from The Body and do more incredible collaborations?...

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