7 Jun 2017

DIS choose Hey Colossus's 'Englishman' as a soundtrack for the election

It says:

Hey Colossus
Soooooo I might be from the US, but I get how the UK severed itself from the EU. Our Dixie flag-flyers and MAGA cultists wish for the same “pure” (read: all white) state that your extreme nationalists want – and they’re the ones who jumped with both feet into the most backwards elections that both of our countries have ever endured in ages. But English nationalism is even further entrenched - and to a degree, even more absurd, as Hey Colossus so righteously point out: “Whoops the empire slipped between the cracks / The stuff of legend and it’s never coming back”. Those that hold onto this archaic ideal, they assert, are pathetic waifs that deserve to be crushed – and that’s exactly what “Englishman” does. Well, in a conceptual sense. But fuck me, how sweet is the sound of that squelch right now, eh?

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