2 Jun 2017

Soundblab reviews Temple Ov BBV

It reads:

GNOD should be known to everyone already as they have released some of the best albums of the last few years, including this year's Just Say No. Radar Men From The Moon are an Eindhoven-based instrumental who play shoegaze, neo-psych, kraut, space and noise rock. Temple Ov BBV is 'a collaborative work and a performative gesture between RMFTM and GNOD. The culmination of these two groups can be interpreted as a stream of materialized thoughts, in which their work can be listened, viewed and contemplated in ever changing ways.’

Butchers Tears starts with a metronomic sound that lasts for almost a minute until the band(s) join in. The sound is the Noise/Psychedelia/Gang of Four combination of Just Say No with Paddy Shine shouting over the top about always being on the wrong end of the stick. The song breaks down and returns to the metronome before slowly rebuilding into a Noise/Post-Punk, one-chord onslaught followed by a lengthy screaming session. It's fantastic, especially as the intensity builds during the call and response section at the end...

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