5 Jun 2017

Joe from Hey Colossus tells TeamRock.com the 10 records that changed his life

It reads:

Hey Colossus bassist Joe Thompson dives into his record collection

"Being a vinyl buying nerd and owner of a zillion records (this is not a boast, it's more a cry for help), this was real tough. I could have picked 400 records that have influenced and inspired [me]. So, I started writing, picked the first 10 that popped into my bonce, and [fired] them off, stream of consciousness style.

As a band, we are all vinyl nerds; it's probably the main requirement for entrance. We've played gigs where we've been paid, then split the money and spent it all on the record stalls at the show. So, here's my list... [but] ask me tomorrow and it'll be totally different." 

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