2 Jun 2017

Record Collector reviews Hey Colossus album 'The Guillotine'

It reads:

3-2-1 they’re back in the room

In 2004 Hey Colossus released Hey Colossus Hates You, and have since garnered a cultish acclaim for their distinctive brand of groove-laden audio thuggery. That said, since 2015 the drubbings have been somewhat more nuanced. Releasing two albums that year, the London and Somerset outfit began to weigh more heavily on their psychedelic and krautrock influences; resulting in a less-abrasive sound, the possibilities of which are further explored here.

It’s HC’s most melodic release yet and also perhaps their moodiest. Opener Honest To God lumbers about like a fatigued zombie dragging itself up a hill, while others list forward dreamily under the immersive trudge of the drums and the rolling swagger of liquiform country-blues guitar...

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