26 Apr 2021

MOWNO reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

Notice to fans of auditory cosmic trips and other hallucinogenic instrumental wanderings: the psychedelic jazz group Djinn is back with a second album with a high psychotropic content that should satisfy more than one. While their first opus saw them walk an often bitter and rough free jazz road, the perched Swedes, who would share members with the shamans of Goat and Hills, here resolutely left dry land to eagerly explore the cosmos.

Refusing to choose between spiritual jazz, world influences, freak folk and kosmische muzik, Djinn combines on Transmission all these ingredients in the present tense in contemplative jams with a saxophone and drums as main guides.

Time slows its course from the first minutes of the disc on Sun Ooze , which summons the spirit of Poppy Nogood and her Phantom Band to insidiously alter our consciousness with a lot of sax trills and throbbing percussions. And now we accidentally find ourselves floating on the edge of dreams to the rhythm of a long languid five-beat ballad dotted with distant lamentations and frenzied whistles, at the risk of losing their mind definitively ( Creator Of Creation ) . The journey continues through a cottony interlude made of celestial choirs in a blink of an eye more than supported to the Germans of Popol Vuh, to regain a foothold with reality on Nights with Kurupiand his mischievous flute accompanied by a numb bossa nova guitar...

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