30 Apr 2021

Gnoomes launch new label 'Zonned'

This is what the band say about it:

We’re really excited to announce that we’re launching a music label «Zonned». The idea of the label appeared during the first wave of the pandemic when we realised how it is actually easy to loose the ground. Thoughts were spinning in my head: what could possibly become an oasis of calm and peace at these tumultuous times? When clubs are shutting down, when you’re not able go touring anymore and visit your pals, is there still music going on? I believe it was still playing but its frequencies were not easily got caught.

The answer came to my mind when I was listening to something at the 5% volume. What if not ambient could bring you from the flight - fight state to a zone of comfort and warmth!

In the last few years we’ve heard so much cool stuff from our friends all over the globe. Sometimes they lack of understanding what they’re supposed to do with this? Sometimes they don’t quite find a belief in themselves. And we thought: Oh, my God! This is so beautiful, what if nobody will hear it ever?

We decided that it’s not fair in a way. It’s become our driving force alongside with the desire of creating healing content for people.

For me a label is not only a signature music style, but it’s always an aesthetic and design. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vitalic Ten who’s in charge of visual content at Zonned. I’m really proud that he’s in our team.

We’re gonna release a digital comp soon with the artists all over the world! Watch this space! Please sign to our social media, etc!”.


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