2 Apr 2021

DJINN's new album 'Transmission' is out today

"Perfectly commands an increasingly colourful palette" 9/10 Backseat Mafia

"A greater breadth of listening experience." Terrascope

"It is clear we are dealing with some quality musicians here." Weirdo Shrine

"A sonic mainline straight into your veins." Fragmented Flaneur

DJINN the duo featuring members from Sweden's finest troupes GOAT and Hills have their latest album called 'Transmission' released on ltd edition vinyl today.

The album is ltd to 400 copies on Orange/Red Swirl vinyl. We have just put the last 15 copies we have up on Bandcamp but some shops still may have copies left.

All copies will receive a free download code of the album + the bands 2020 cassette release 'Avant de servir'.

'Transmission’ is an intrepid step into new terrain for DJINN - the mantric rhythms are hypnotic here, the freeform extrapolations hit new peaks of vivid abandon, and the moments of calm are blissfully meditative. Yet their sound palette extends into refreshing collisions of intent and metaphysical intensity that echo across the psychic landscapes of Sunburned Hand Of The Man-style freak-folk, as well as the polylingual fusion of jazz, European and Asian music that Don Cherry essayed on 1969’s ‘Eternal Rhythm’ and 1973’s ‘Organic Music Society’.

Amidst these intoxicating and richly eclectic soundworlds, the band are just as comfortable invoking Popol Vuh (as on the mellotron-abetted title track) Art Ensemble Of Chicago and the lineage of Swedish underground music that found epiphanies in the radical folk-psych of Arbete Och Fritid whilst also sounding - crucially - like no-one but themselves.