12 Mar 2021

Weirdo Shrine reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

If one thing struck me immediately after launching Djinn’s new album Transmission -aside from the fact that 2021 has for some reason apparently become saxophone year?!- it is the amazing job they did on the recording and production. The recording is so crystal clear and roomy, it’s like you are there, on that Persian rug in the studio, right in the middle of the recording session. On your left the sometimes beautiful sometimes bonkers crazy saxman, on your right funky bass-pluckings and jazzy drums, and allover weird little percussion thingies that tingle-tangle in your ears.

Featuring members of GOAT and Hills, it is clear we are dealing with some quality musicians here, and a bunch jazzy noise mongers too, who aren’t afraid to rattle some cages or kick some sleeping dogs either. The album starts out a bit lazily, like you could still spin it on a Sunday morning with the fam, but then it flowers up all kinds of wacky and beautiful little ideas along the way, until you reach Urm The Mad, which I assure you will ruin your breakfast and chase the cat out of the room with its spastic sax-isms and generally frantic jazz freakouts...

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